The NetTzach TimeLine

The NetTzach Story
On Sunday September 25, 2010, a few days after Succot, Rabbi Yitzchok Sheiner, Shlit'a, Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshivas Kamenitz in Jerusalem hosted a meeting arranged by Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Senter, Rosh Yeshivas Aderes Hatorah and attended by Rabbi Paysach Freedman, Director Center for Jewish Values. Yecheskel and Yaakov (last names withheld by request) Guard Your Eyes, Mr. Zelig Rosenthal and Dr. Allan Jacob. The subject was the problem of exposure of members of the community to inappropriate material on the Internet. The only solution that seemed to satisfy Rabbi Sheiner was that proposed by Zelig and Allan; establishing a new Internet Service Provider that would provide filtered Internet on a content basis. After the meeting, Zelig and Allan began discussing the feasibility of the project and after a few months of detailed analysis concluded that there was a great need and an outstanding solution. NetTzach is the product of these efforts.

The foundation of NetTzach is the filter. This filter is an artificial intelligence based intuitive filter that looks at a page’s content and uses sophisticated algorithms to decide whether to let the page through or not. The filter was originated by Zelig and and is the culmination of an investment of several years and millions of dollars. Because NetTzach’s filter is at the ISP level and not inside your computer you rest assured that you will see what you want and not what you don’t.

Mr. Zelig Rosenthal is the founder and owner of several Web companies. TheJnet, a highly successful ISP provider in North America, services businesses, consumers, and schools. Livigent provides commercial filtering solutions in Europe and the US. In addition, he owns RnD Software, Inc. and

After three years of running and operating NetTzach isp, and after a successful  proof of concept

Of a dynamic and successful filter. Allan and zelig decided to close the company and to sell the technology

The most natural move was to sell the company to  "simon technologies" the owner of NATIV


By doing so , we were able to combine a great technology together with a company that really rooted and understand the Israeli market,

Removing all mentality barrier and focus at the real mission : PROVIDING THE MOST EFFECTIVE FILTER

Nettzach technologic team together with Simon's team are able to elevate the company to a new and prosperous place

By providing the Israeli households a complete product applicable for internet , computers and Smartphone's.